This is the official site of Bridges to the north for licensing and release.

It’s been a bit of an odd journey.

However, we have arrived, 15 years later, at a moment where a credible environmental assessment process could lead to the first roads to the north.  We never could have saw this happening after rushing up to film a protest so many years ago.

Many many years ago, Michael Fox and I rushed to a protest, we had been doing minor work up north, he had left the Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund and started a private consultation practice known as Fox Consulting and I was a budding director.  As the Anishinawbe and Cree are wont to do, we dabbled in various ventures and were working with Webequie First Nation, suddenly I was in a transport plane 15000 feet in the air with no gloves, -45, and my camera batteries were freezing, Michael was in an auditorium setting up an announcement with a company who had agreed to stop doing business as usual. Little did we know this was going to become larger than we could have ever dreamed, and this film is a snippet of all those years.




Tony McGuire


I was born in Thunder Bay, a small city near the Minnesota border, the traditional lands of my people. Our historical territory extended from Sault Ste Marie, through to St Paul, Minnesota, all the way to Kenora, now the USA border splits it up, many of the stories we tell around the fire are no longer about our learning, teaching and joy but instead are only about our sadness, anger and dispossession. I have been trying to change that narrative. I was asked to tell the story of two First Nation reservations who are trying to reclaim their past while they have been finding opposition from amongst the parties they are working with. It was going to be a hard story to tell but a year and a half later we have something accurate and most importantly, Anishinawbe told. (Tony McGuire is an Ojibwe/Chippewa man.) Tony McGuire - (Redhawk Tailfeather) Bingwi Neyaashi First Nation - Ojibwe/Chippewa First Nation Reservation


Jason Stasiw


His first role as a DOP in a full length film, Jason worked with the director to find the best combination of lighting and style to capture the emotions of the subject. He comes from a background in photography and high level commercial work.

Brandon Rodeghiero

Associate Producer

Brandon mix of Six Nations and Italian heritages worked on the set, lending to his role as the associate producer. He had to be on top of scheduling and all manner of tasks to keep the crew moving towards the finish line. His work as B The Wiz is his current passion.